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Frequently Asked Wedding Planning Questions

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Wedding Planning Questions


Planning a wedding can be daunting, time-consuming and even frustrating if you are planning a destination wedding in a country or city you are not familiar with.

A wedding is a big investment in your future and bridal couples want to know who they are working with, how the wedding planning company will benefit them and how does the wedding planning process work.

The questions below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive and although we are more than happy to answer them in person, it may also save you time to check the answers here - especially if there are time differences between continents.


What is the difference between a Destination Wedding Planning Company and a Wedding Planner?

We take your entire wedding vision and turn it into a reality in the destination of your choice in South Africa! We are destination specialists and work with wedding suppliers accustomed to working in unique spaces and creating magic from scratch!

As a destination wedding specialist, we help secure accommodation for you and your guests, take care of all the transport arrangements, and plan pre-and post-wedding activities for you and your guests.

We do everything that a local Wedding Planner does, including finding your perfect wedding venue, wedding design & styling, wedding day management and post-wedding services. Boutique Events provides a complete Destination Wedding Management solution.

Our strong supplier relationships in South Africa, experience and destination knowledge ensure you have an extraordinary, enjoyable and exciting wedding planning journey wherever you chose within South Africa.

We are passionate, organized, detail-orientated, and creative. We love designing and styling uniquely personal and highly bespoke weddings that directly reflect you as a couple in beautiful and unique locations.

Hiring a destination wedding planner allows you to enjoy your wedding day secure in the knowledge that an expert is taking care of you and all your guests.


What are the benefits of hiring a Wedding Planner?

A Wedding Planner is a valuable resource throughout the wedding planning process. An expert wedding specialist has intricately detailed knowledge of all aspects of wedding planning and wedding management.

From sourcing and securing the perfect wedding venue to knowing which wedding furniture suppliers have the exact pieces required to complete your desired look or have furniture and styling items custom-made, Boutique Events has over 20 years of experience and industry knowledge.

We know which top wedding catering companies to use based on religious requirements, the best wedding photographers and videographers based on the look and style you would like captured and which florists would be better suited for your unique wedding style.

Boutique Events will take care of the hundreds of tiny details and administrational aspects that take time and energy, leaving you to enjoy your engagement and wedding day.

From sourcing unique wedding favours to knowing who bakes the perfect gluten-free, vegan wedding cake (or decadent death by chocolate macarons!), or having designer bars custom-made, we know whom to collaborate with to design and style world-class weddings!

Without industry knowledge and strong wedding supplier relationships, finding these suppliers who are reliable and trustworthy can take hours and unfortunately, you are not always guaranteed to work with a professional in a crisis. Things do go wrong even with the best-laid plans, and this is where a wedding expert makes all the difference.

Most couples struggle to find the extra time to plan their wedding day on top of already hectic work schedules, find themselves over their heads, and drown in the detail as soon as the planning starts.

Hiring a professional wedding planner saves valuable time, eradicates the stress, and you are secure in the knowledge that your wedding investment safe in an experts hands.

You will benefit from our experience, knowledge, relationships with suppliers and creative input and guidance. You will be able to enjoy your wedding planning journey and wedding day knowing that you have seasoned professionals taking care of all the details.


What can you expect from your Wedding Planning Company?

The "Hard Core" Skill Set

A Wedding Planning Company must offer you a wide range of wedding planning services encompassing your wedding from concept to completion. They should be flexible to work alongside you to design and create a bespoke wedding.

A Wedding Planner should provide you with creative design and styling ideas and have the expert financial acumen to manage your wedding investment. 

They need specialist project planning skills to oversee the intricate details of your wedding planning process within the required wedding planning timeline.

They should be able to provide testimonials or references from both past clients and suppliers.

The "In Tangible" Skill Set

This is the woo woo of wedding planning, and I write this with a smile on my face! You have to appoint a wedding planner "that special someone" whom you connect with and who, simply put, "gets you!"

Appointing a Wedding Planner is almost like getting married twice! You marry the planner first, then your partner.

At Boutique Events, we strive to build exceptional, personal connections with our clients. This ensures a better understanding and execution of your wedding vision and hopefully a lot more laughter along the way! 

We want to share our passion, expertise and innovation with you, and we are committed to creating weddings of distinction.

Of course, if you want to be completely serious, we can do that too, but your wedding planning will be a lot more enjoyable if you enjoy it too!


At what stage should you appoint a Wedding Planner?

Ideally, you should hire a Destination Wedding Planner immediately after your engagement. The average wedding engagement is between 9-12 months, and although this seems like a long time, many of the most beautiful and popular wedding venues are booked up to two years in advance. 

Don't panic if you have a much shorter expectation; we have planned highly detailed and bespoke weddings with custom-made bars and hand-embroidered linen napkins in just under two months. Everything and almost anything is possible; it may just come at an extra cost.

A side note:

Covid 19 has changed the wedding industry dramatically. Some of the popular wedding venues due to delays are already fully booked for 2022. Some flowers may not be available, or the size of your wedding may be restricted or increased. 

Do you offer a free wedding consultation?

We offer all prospective clients complimentary consultation after they have completed our questionnaire. The questionnaire details a lot of the information we need to know to determine whether we would be the right Wedding Planner for you as a couple. Boutique Events is a specialist destination wedding planning company. This means that we are sometimes not the most affordable solution for local bridal couples who need a bit of help with their weddings. We offer a full wedding management service only and do not provide On-the-Day Coordination packages.

We use the consultation as an opportunity for both parties to engage with each other and establish a connection. It is an opportunity for you to decide if you feel confident in our capabilities and to ask as many questions as you would like.


What can you expect in our Wedding Planning Process?

  1. Complete our questionnaire 
  2. Online meeting or in-person meeting 
  3. Draft Cost Estimate 
  4. Venue Sourcing
  5. Wedding Program
  6. Style Board
  7. Supplier proposals for each category
  8. Final CE submitted  
  9. Deposit Paid to secure suppliers
  10. Appoint wedding suppliers 
  11. Wedding day set up (depending on the size of the wedding, this can take place 1-2 days before the wedding)
  12. Wedding day Management
  13. Strike - return hired goods to suppliers
  14. Budget Reconciliation


How much does a Wedding Planner cost?

Boutique Events does not charge a set management fee or provide wedding packages.

Our wedding management fees are calculated based on your individual requirements, and every Cost Estimate is bespoke.

Typically we will either charge a flat fee or a % of the total wedding cost or a combination of both.

Our Management fee is dependent on the services you require.



Would you like us to plan your bespoke luxury wedding?

Are you interested in obtaining a bespoke wedding/celebration cost estimate? We would love to assist you.

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