Small Micro Wedding Planning Ideas!

Our Expert Ideas to Create a Uniquely Bespoke Intimate Wedding

Even though larger weddings are now allowed under Level 1 in South Africa, I still think there is something extraordinary about a smaller, more intimate wedding. Having planned multiple large weddings and then being forced due to the Pandemic to plan smaller weddings, I can honestly say my advice is, “Go smaller if you can.”

Why, may you ask? Smaller weddings, from my experience, are more meaningful. The people who genuinely and I mean genuinely love you the most in the world are the ones by your side on your wedding day. The emotion is honestly more palpable. You get to enjoy being with your guests.

Then there’s the bonus of having an additional budget available to be truly extravagant and to make your wedding celebration that much more special. Everyone wants to look back on their wedding day and to think, “That was honestly the best day of our life.”

If you agree with me and want to know how Boutique Events will create a uniquely bespoke day for you, then these are our insider tips!

1.   Location! Location! Location!

Opt for a unique and utterly private destination or intimate wedding venue or even more secluded – a safari wedding.⁠!

This will allow you and your guests to make the most of your time together without noise restrictions and Covid curfews.

Select an impressive private venue like a luxury villa with spectacular views or a private residence or wine estate. Book the venue for at least 2 nights. That way, you get to relax with your family and friends while your Wedding Planner (hopefully me!) gets to make sure you are all relaxed and happy!

Please do read our informative blog, “8 Questions to Consider when Venue Hunting”, to help you think about what you’re looking for before you start venue hunting. I do offer this as part of my service too!

Exterior of luxury private house Images: Hewitt Wright for Boutique Events

2. Get Creative with your Wedding Invitations and Guest Gifting

Create custom-made gift boxes for your wedding invitations or guest gifts. The gift boxes can be designed and styled to a theme or a colour palette that you would like to incorporate throughout your wedding day.

Hand-deliver the custom-made wedding gift boxes with a themed gift as an extra special personal touch or courier your themed wedding invitations instead of posting.


Wooden gift box with themed wedding invitation and giftImages: Bustle Events 

3. The Minor Details Matter the Most

Give extra special attention to the more “minor details”; bespoke wedding crockery, cutlery, and cut crystal glassware are all items that will add an elegant and more personal touch to your wedding reception.

An amazing idea is to purchase wedding crockery to suit your wedding theme and style. South Africa has many talented artisans and ceramicists who could easily design stunning crockery for your wedding celebration. The bonus is that you will always have a dinner service that reminds you of your wedding day.

Crockery, cutlery and glassware for wedding

Images: Left and Middle – Angelique Smith for Boutique Events | Right – Hewitt Wright for Boutique Events

4. Dramatic Wedding Lighting

Opulent, over-sized and dramatic lighting is another 2021 trend we love! Large chandeliers, custom-designed LED lighting, an abundance of candles all different sizes – whichever you chose, be assured a small, intimate wedding is perfect for opulent lighting ideas. 

Wedding reception at night with over-sized chandelier above tables

Wedding reception with personalised neon lightingImages: Top Left – Hewitt Wright for Boutique Events | Top Right – Utah Valley Bride  | Bottom Left and Right – Luisdinellidecor 

5. Bespoke and Highly Personalised Food & Drinks Menus

Create a bespoke bar menu with a mixologist based on your guest’s personal preferences. Custom cocktails and thoughtful exceptional wines are an easy way to show guests how well you know them.

Curate your wedding menu with a top private chef. Include dishes and flavours that you love as a couple! Offer smaller tasting dishes instead of the traditional three-course dinner ~  guests will linger longer, and dinner will be a much more intimate affair.

Jungle themed wedding bar menusImage: Angelique Smith for Boutique Events

6. Invest in Heirloom Pieces For Future Generations

Purchase custom-made accessories like hairpieces and crowns. These can become family heirlooms bringing back the tradition of passing down special items to new generations.⁠

Brides wearing unique bridal hair-pieces and crownsImages: Left – _Emmy.Photography | Right – The Bridal Journey

7. Live Entertainment throughout the Wedding Day!

Live entertainment adds a celebratory flair!⁠ A different band for each part of your wedding will have guests mesmerized! We work with the top musicians and DJs in South Africa and will recommend the perfect bands and musicians for each stage of your wedding celebration.

Muscians playing musical instruments at wedding reception

Saxophonist playing sax at weddingImages: Top Left – Hewitt Wright for Boutique Events | Top Right – Mischa Durrant for Boutique Events | Bottom – Jomeri Mouton for Boutique Events

8. Bespoke Wedding Gifts – For Your Guests

Create personalized wedding thank you’s that are bespoke and custom-designed for each guest as a way of showing your gratitude for their presence. Items like unique scented candles, artisan chocolates, jewellery, sustainably sourced food items or local products specific to your weddings micro-location are all thoughtful ideas. 

Grey wood gift box with wine, candle and chocolates

Image: Boutique Events

9. Uniquely Themed Wedding Stationery 

Wedding Stationery is another excellent way to create an additional luxurious touch to a small intimate wedding. With reduced print runs, you can have creative fun with unique design elements specific to your wedding theme and palette. In demand in 2021 is hand-made cotton paper, unusual substrates, fine-art printing, designs drawn by artists specifically for your wedding suite, foiling, letterpress, embossing and hand-painted graphics. 

Bespoke wedding menu and drinks menu

Image: Angelique Smith for Boutique Events

10. Bring back the Wedding Cake!

Wedding Cakes are retaking centre stage! With exquisite designer details and unusual flavours⁠, a new popular trend is “his” and “her” wedding cakes. These cakes are often different flavours and a true reflection of the couple themselves. 

Two wedding cakes for bride and groom

Image: Left –Hewitt Wright for Boutique Events |Right – Green Wedding Shoes

11. Let the Celebrations Continue With a Themed Wedding After-Party!

After-Party’s are popular! Since most guests are staying on-site or close by, consider a wedding “After-Party.” Wedding “After-Parties” generally move inside the venue to a smaller, more sound-proof space so that the late-night revellers can continue to celebrate. A midnight snack, cigars and some exquisite single-malt whiskies are always a winner with the gents. An “After-Party” is also an excellent time to add extra personal details that may surprise your guests. I love brainstorming with my clients and suppliers to see what creative ideas we can devise!

Room decorated as a Jungle with large floralsImage: Hewitt Wright for Boutique Concepts

12. Purchase “Those” Wedding Shoes

And last but not least – buy yourself the Louboutins or Jimmy Choos that will look spectacular with your wedding dress! The caveat, buy wedding shoes that you will wear again to be an eco-friendly, sustainable bride!

I have to admit that I’m crazy about shoes, and a firm believer that every bride should follow the tradition of “Something New” – especially if the “Something New” is a fabulous new pair of wedding shoes!

Groom holding brides wedding shoes

Images: Left Hewitt Wright for Boutique Events | Right – Eventoile

My passion is to take your ideas and carefully craft them into memorable details that will make your celebration unforgettable, exquisite and distinctive! 

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