Bridal Beauty Tips

There is a goddess within each of us ~ every bride should feel like a goddess on her wedding day!

Bridal Beauty Tips 

Irinia Grant is one of the most respected makeup artists and hairstylists in South Africa with her own successful makeup school called Make-Up Stars.

One of the highlights of my role is working with immensely talented individuals, and watching Irina work is like watching an artist transform a blank canvas.

In an interview (to be posted soon!) I asked Irina to share the most frequently asked questions and requests she is asked by future brides. Here are the top 10 questions/requests she receives, as well as her answers to help brides prepare for their upcoming weddings.

How to prepare for your wedding day:

1) Refresh roots or not if blonde?

Do your highlights at least two to three weeks before your wedding, not sooner. Your hair and your wedding photos will look much more natural on your wedding day.

2) Natural makeup does not mean “no makeup”

Your makeup will always need to be slightly darker for beautiful photographs than what you are used to. Natural makeup, which is on-trend, often requires more work for an absolutely flawless finish.

3) Find at least 3 good reference images you love relevant to you

If you are blonde, reference a woman with blonde hair and makeup, likewise if you are a brunette. This seems obvious, but brides often bring reference images that are the opposite of their own hair colour and makeup and what works on one does not necessarily work on the other.

4) Spray Tan or No Spray Tan?

Do not have a spray tan before your wedding, especially on your face. A spray tan changes the texture of your skin and can affect your makeup application. If you had your makeup trial before your spray tan, this will also dramatically alter your makeup, and adjustments will need to be made on your wedding day.

5) Natural Tan?

It is always better than a spray tan; however, do NOT burn or tan for at least one week before your wedding day! Many destination brides land up tanning before their wedding and forget just how harsh our South African summer sun is. Sunburn affects the application of bridal makeup and changes the quality of your hair. 

6) Hair Trial or No Hair Trial?

Never ever skip having a hair trial! Your hair is like a living animal, and a hair trial will give your hairstylist an excellent idea of how your hair will behave on the day and to different products. Instead, do a hair trial if time does not allow for a hair trial and a makeup trial. Makeup is easier to fix.

7) Should you wash your hair on your Wedding Day?

Yes, but only if you can ensure it is 100% dry before your appointment. If you would like curls, this is vitally important as curls will not last in hair that is even slightly damp.

8) Upstyle or Downstyle?

You need to feel relaxed and comfortable on your wedding day. If you never wear your hair up, don’t suddenly opt to have an upstyle on your wedding day. 

9) Should you flat iron your hair before seeing your Hair Stylist?

No. Dry your hair naturally and leave it. If you flat iron your hair before your hair trial or on your wedding day, you run the risk of your hairstylist not being able to do your hair in the style you have selected on your wedding day.

10) Facials before your Wedding Day?

No, unless you know 100% that your skin will not break out, peel or react to the facial and do not change your routine before your wedding day either. 

Irina shared a fascinating amount of beauty information and bridal tips, and we will be sharing the full interview soon! Irina can be contacted on +27 (0)811 9578 or email or follow Irina on Instagram @irinagrant_muah_photography

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